Friday, January 23, 2015

Break Free and 3Strands Global, Inc. Join Forces to Combat Human Trafficking

Two Organizations with One Vision

By Ashlie M. Bryant, Global Executive Vice President, Development and Outreach, 3Strands Global, Inc.

3Strands Global recently merged to unite and mobilize a global community of individuals and organizations to combat human trafficking. Together as one organization, 3Strands Global, Inc. and Break Free will provide jobs, raise funds, build awareness and provide education and resources to fight human trafficking. We are in this fight together because we believe human trafficking and modern day slavery are NOT OK, and everyone can make a difference.

The timing was right for both organizations to come together and rally around this cause. There is a shared common vision to end human trafficking and build a worldwide community of supporters in order to do so.The expanded community of individuals and partners is rapidly growing and working together as a united front toward the common vision to end human trafficking. Our mission is to combat human trafficking through sustainable employment, education and engagement initiatives. Each initiative takes on a unique approach to combatting human trafficking, and the combination of all three initiatives is a powerful approach and enables change.


3Strands Global provides sustainable business initiatives to employ rescued and at-risk youth in underserved communities. We sell quality handmade products through the 3Strands Global cause marketplace, with 100 percent of the profits of the product sales going directly to support survivors of human trafficking and those at-risk. Through the sale of every 3Strands Global product, funds are raised to help empower, teach and employ young women. The organization has plans to expand its employment opportunities in the U.S. and abroad in Cambodia, Nepal and Haiti — communities at risk for human trafficking.


Break Free Education, powered by 3Strands Global, Inc., raises awareness about human trafficking and offers a free, onsite education program designed to help students understand and recognize human trafficking and thereby create a generation less susceptible to victimization. Our prevention program educates students in middle school, high school and college, as well as communities, about human trafficking. This issue is real and happening in communities, large and small. It is important that we educate our youth as well as the communities we live in to support prevention efforts. Education is one of our best defenses against human trafficking.


3Strands provides Break Free awareness programs and events, including Break Free Runs, to engage partners, organizations and local communities to mobilize in human trafficking efforts. Break Free’s 5K and 10K races are an integral part of our fundraising efforts. To date, we have hosted more than 12,500 race participants and raised more than $750,000 — with more than 90 percent of proceeds going directly toward anti-trafficking programs to further the organization’s mission. We have united thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the cause through our local runs in Northern California. We will be hosting community-based Break Free Runs across the U.S., in collaboration with local partners and service organizations.

Earlier this month, we engaged a community and invited individuals and organizations to help raise awareness and funds to address the issue of human trafficking. Partners around the world are being asked to say: “It’s NOT OK” by texting “DOSOMETHING” to 56316; join 3Strands community and make a donation; and share “It’s NOT OK – Do Something” with friends and family. We encourage you to “Do Something” too.

We also support beneficiary programs dedicated to rescue efforts, rehabilitation and restoration of victims and survivors. We collaborate with organizations and programs that offer unique and effective approaches to fighting human trafficking including restorative services to survivors and preventative efforts for vulnerable and at-risk youth.

Human trafficking is NOT OK and we believe everyone can make a difference, and know there is strength in numbers. Together, 3Strands Global, Inc. and Break Free are completely focused on building a worldwide community to end this horrible tragedy.

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Ashlie M. Bryant
Global Executive Vice President of Development and Outreach, 3Strands Global, Inc.
Founder of Break Free

As the global executive vice president of development and outreach at 3Strands Global, Inc. and founder of Break Free, Ashlie Bryant’s diverse responsibilities include speaking, training, educating, donor interaction and managing partner relationships. Ashlie has been a part of the CA Attorney General’s round table in Sacramento, which focuses on collaborative solutions to human trafficking. In 2013, Ashlie was awarded a Resolution by the California State Senate for her hard work and dedication in the fight against human trafficking. Ashlie is a leader in the fight to end human trafficking. When a local 17-year-old girl was taken from a grocery store in her sleepy Sacramento suburb, Ashlie was shocked and stunned that the crime of human trafficking occurred not only in the U.S., but also right in her backyard. Inspired to take action, she and three friends founded Break Free with the mission of raising awareness and funds to combat human trafficking. Under Ashlie’s leadership, Break Free provided human trafficking education to more than 7,000 students in the classroom, hosted more than 12,500 race participants at the Race to End Human Trafficking in Folsom and Oakland, raised more than $750,000 and donated to more than 15 different beneficiary programs.