Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It is far too often that I learn of yet another domestic dispute that tragically advances into domestic violence (DV). While many reports do not show an increase in the number of DV cases, many California studies are showing an increase in the level of violence in reported cases.

Domestic violence, often referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV), occurs between two people in a close relationship and includes current and former spouses and dating partners. It can be a single episode of violence to ongoing battering and includes physical violence, sexual violence, threats and emotional abuse. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Division of Violence Prevention reports the following unsettling statistics:
  • Each year, 4.8 million women fall prey to intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes.
  • Each year, 2.9 million men fall prey to intimate partner related physical assaults.
  • IPV resulted in 2,340 deaths in 2007. Of these deaths, 70% were females and 30% were males.
Here at CalVCP, we understand that when tragedy strikes, it can be a frightening and traumatic experience that often includes physical, emotional, or financial harm. Many victims have questions about whom they can trust and where they can go for help. When it comes to financial assistance, CalVCP may provide needed compensation to help cover treatment and other support services for victims and their families. It is imperative that victims and their loved ones know that CalVCP can help.

Just last year, our program helped nearly 14,000 domestic violence victims pay for expenses related to their crime. CalVCP provided more than $18.5 million in reimbursement costs last year covering mental health treatment, medical bills, relocation fees, income and support loss, funeral and dental expenses for those inflicted by domestic violence.

CalVCP stands firm in our commitment to do all that we can to help. During October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, many will be doing their part to raise awareness and provide tangible resources for victims. Let us encourage our friends, families and neighbors to report intimate partner violence when it is suspected.

If you suspect someone is in danger please direct them to the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), 1-800-787-3224 TTY, or

There is hope. CalVCP can help.